Working with Short Vowels

Well HELLO there!!!

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While everyone was off having a blast in Vegas (I was living vicariously through Instagram!!!...) we were working on this fun new short vowel literacy center! (When I say 'we' I mean I worked and little man kept me company ;-)

I am so excited to share this idea with you!

In second grade, we work a lot on distinguishing vowel sounds within words. On the state tests, there ALWAYS used to be questions like "In which word do you hear the short 'a' sound".....

My students had a tendency to always just LOOK at the words, and pick the one that had an 'a' in it. Which doesn't always work out. 

I really wanted my students to LISTEN to the words, rather than look at them. So I created this!

It's a literacy center activity where students scan the QR codes, LISTEN to a word being read, and determine if there's a short 'a' or a short 'i' sound within the word!

Students directions for both Scoot and Center activities! 
(Students can scan that QR code and HEAR the directions being read to them! No more "I don't know what to do..." !!!) 

Recording sheets for Scoot and Independent Center activities!

30 total cards with QR codes to scan and listen to! 15 short 'a' words and 15 short 'i' words! 

There's also an answer key included so students can check their work!!!

This activity aligns with the 2nd grade Wonders curriculum, Unit 1, Week 1 spelling skill; Short A and I! Although you DON'T need to be using Wonders to enjoy this center! 

If you'd like more info on how to create a QR code linked to an audio file, you can find it HERE!

Need more info on QR codes in general....HERE you go! 

And feel free to download the preview of this file by clicking the picture below! Let me know what you think!!!

You can find the whole center on TPT HERE! Enjoy!

I'll send this to the first five people to comment and tell me what they're doing on this beautiful summer day! (Don't forget to leave you email address!)

Happy summer!!!! 

Working with Plural Nouns Center

Hi everyone!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!!! I know we did!!!
(That's actually Duncan's pool!) 

We saw LOTS of fireworks and had a great time BBQing with family (my favorite things!!!) 

Today I posted my Working with Plural Nouns centers!

There are three different options  in this pack: A scoot around the room (where students look for "hidden" cards around the classroom and determine the appropriate plural form of the noun), a sort to be used at an individual station (where students sort word cards based on their plural form ending), or a sort with self checking QR codes {if your students have devices that can scan QR codes}.

There are also student directions (with QR codes sos students can scan and HEAR the directions being read to them!), teacher direction (which can be helpful for volunteers!), recording sheets & answer keys for every activity, and plural noun rule posters (to hang on a bulletin board or place at a center!). 

I created this to use with my 2nd grade students at the beginning of the school year, although you could definitely use them in 1st or 3rd, depending on your students and their needs! 

Also- this activity aligns with the 2nd grade Wonders series: Unit 1, Week 1; Word Work Skill {plural nouns}. However, you DO NOT need to be using the Wonders curriculum to enjoy and use these centers! 

Have a wonderful July 5th! 

Currently, Book Club, & Statement or Question Center

Happy July!!!!

This summer is already flying by! Here's what I'm up to at the moment...

(Make sure to link up with Farley too!!!) 

I can't believe this little guy slept for six hours last night!!! I feel GREAT this morning because I got some sleep too!!! 

I am REALLY wanting to go to Vegas this year, but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I'm going to have to stay off social media from the 9th-12th #fomo :-( 
Please have a drink for me! 
I'm already planning for next year!!! 

For the 4th this year, we'll be doing the usual BBQ and fireworks with family (which I LOVE!) Hubby's parents live up on a hill, so from their house we can see at least five or six sets of fireworks down the coast! 

I'm so excited to be joining in on Ramona Recommend's July book club! 

I'm so excited to read Wonder- it's been on my "to-read" list forever! And Giraffes Can't Dance is one of my FAVORITE picture books!!!!!! Head on over to Lessons Learned to join in on the fun! 

And I've {finally} uploaded my Sentence or Question Center to TPT

If you use Wonders (or not), this aligns with Unit 1, Week 1 grammar skill. (You don't have to be using Wonders to enjoy this center though!) Use it as a scoot or sort! Everything is included- answer keys, recording sheets, student directions, teacher directions, & two sets of cards (one with punctuation & one without). I'll be using this the first few weeks of school for one of my Word Work Daily 5 stations. 

Monday Made It

I'm so excited to share a Monday Made It with you! Finally! 

So far, my summer has consisted of snuggling with this little guy and not much else. At all. 

And it's been so worth it! Best summer ever!!!!!!!

This is a really quick and easy project to help display directions (or really display anything...) Last year, I used picture frames to display directions for my Daily 5 stations like this:

I found that by the end of the first station, stinky little hands had almost always "accidentally" erased the dry erase maker and I'd be rewriting over and over again. (Annoying!)

So this year, I'm going to try this-

I bought a frame and clipboard from Dollar Tree, and...... hot glue gunned them together! (I took the glass out first.) That's it! 

I'll use these over and over to display directions in hopes that this'll be a little more effective than the picture frame from last year...

(This is from Amy Lemon's Easy As 1-2-3 Math Centers

I'll put the directions with the basket of supplies needed! 

(This is from my Statement or Question centers pack- on my to-do list to upload it!!!) 

I also used my Silhouette to "cute" it up a bit by adding the word "Directions" with adhesive vinyl to the bottom of the clipboard. 

This could be really cute if you had an adorable clipboard instead of this boring brown one I used.... Like THESE from Target!

You could even use it on your teacher desk to display a "to-do" list. 

Really, you can display anything! :) I might even place one on each table group and display "Super Star" work on it from the kids...? 

Now make sure to go check out what everyone else is making over at 4th Grade Frolics!!! 

Happy summer!!!! 

Bright Ideas: Easy Reminders so Kids Won't Forget!

I'm so excited to be linking up with some amazing bloggers again for some more Bright Ideas! 

This is a really useful tip that I use constantly {especially at the end of the school year!} when there are so many fun things going on- like field trips, performances, and parties! 

I was so tired of constantly reminding those kids that would NEVER bring in their permission slips or important paper work, or they'd show up on the big day of our performance and say, "Oh- we were supposed to wear our yellow shirt todaaaaaay...?" (After I'd reminded them about a million times the day before!!!) 

Then I started using reminder bands and this problem decreased!

I just make a copy of whatever I want the kids to remember on bright colored paper, and tape or staple it to them at the end of the day. (I've also seen teachers safety pin it to the kids' back so they can't mess with it or take it off or "lose" it! 

You could use these for things like: 

"Field trip tomorrow! Wear comfortable shoes!"

"Wear your yellow shirt tomorrow! Performance at 1:00"

"Parent-Teacher conference tomorrow at 12:00" 

Pretty much anything you want! 

How do you remind kids!!!?? I'd love to hear your ideas! 

Don't forget to hop around and check out all of the other BRIGHT ideas to help you finish out the school year! :) 

Now I'm off to hang out with this little guy...

Five for Friday

Happy Friday and almost weekend!  

It's time for....

It's been a busy busy week for me, even though I really have nothing to show for it except this smiling face!!! 

Being a new mommy is hard work, and it's definitely been an adjustment period! But every day gets a little less scary and little more fun! Thank goodness for friends and family who've been wonderful and helped me along the way! 

Here are five randoms from my week...

I got a new blog design from the wonderful Megan at A Bird In Hand Designs! If you're looking for a new design- I would highly recommend her! She is wonderful to work with (and she even dealt with me in the midst of all of the pregnancy hormones flying around!!!) Thank you Megan!!! I absolutely love my blog!!! 

A Bird in Hand Designs

I'm trying to get back on track creating and planning things that I'll need for the beginning of next year. I'm {still} working on some weekly centers that my students can use that align with the Wonders curriculum we adopted this last year! Do you know of any great Wonders resources!?!?! I'd love to hear about them! 

(I'll let you know when these are done- although these days I only have 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there to do anything at all- i.e. brush my teeth or get a drink of water!...) 

For Teacher Appreciation week I got some great products from TPT during the sale that I'm so excited about using! 

I posted this question for Wordless Wednesday and on my Instagram feed- 

Do you have any 2-3 minute activities or games that your guided reading group can do/play while I get myself situated for our group time...? This is something I really want to improve on next year! It always seemed like those 2-3 minutes were wasted when I was getting other kids situated and helped and doing what they were supposed to be doing before I started with my guided reading group. 

Finally- it's been SO incredibly hot here in Southern California these last few days- over 100 degrees! We've even had crazy wildfires throughout the county. Hoping that everyone is safe and sound, and thankful for all of the firefighters working hard to keep us safe!

Luckily it's supposed to cool down this week! 

Have a great weekend!!!


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